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FM Area Youth Symphonies
will perform with
Sunday, October 26, 2014
4:00 PM Concordia Memorial Auditorium
Tickets: $8/adults, $4/students

FMAYS parents and students get discount tickets! Let them know you are an FMAYS member, and you will received half price tickets - $10 and $5

Students needing scholarships for tuition or private lessons and are willing to serve on the stage crew (Senior High) are asked to contact the Executive Director :

with the orchestras of the Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies!

Sunday, October 26, 2014: 4:00 PM
Concordia College Auditorium
12th Ave & 8th St South, Moorhead

Senior High Dress Rehearsal: 12:45 –1:45 pm
Junior High Dress Rehearsal: 2:00—3:30 pm

PROJECT Trio is a passionate, high energy chamber music ensemble comprised of three virtuosic composer/performers from Brooklyn, NY. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, PROJECT Trio has made an impact on audiences of all ages. Bursting onto the scene with their landmark videos, right out of the internet generation, PROJECT Trio is a musical experience defining a new level of entertainment!
The group consists of double bassist, Peter Seymour, cellist, Eric Stephenson and flutist, Greg Pattillo.
Double bassist Peter Seymour has performed with many of the world’s most highly acclaimed artists and ensembles An exceptionally versatile cellist, Eric Stephenson’s style ranges from classical to jazz to rock and folk and has performed with numerous orchestras. An internationally acclaimed performer, educator and clinician, Greg Pattillo is recognized throughout the world for his redefinition of the flute sound.

Program Cover Contest

Youth Symphony Students:
Your artwork could become the cover of one of the programs for the Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies. Please submit your work via email: and it should be musical in nature and measure no more than 7.5” x 4.5”.
Questions: call Beth 701-388-4536.

Fargo Moorhead Symphony Concerts!
Each Youth Symphony member will receive a voucher good for 5 performances of any concert of the season for the Fargo Moorhead Symphony. Thank you FM Symphony!!

Here are the dates:
September 27 or 28, 2014: VIVA South America
November 15 & 16, 2014: Along the Silk Road
January 31 or February 1, 2015: All-Beethoven
(featuring a side-by-side with the Senior High Symphony Orchestra of FMAYS)
March 21 or 22, 2015: Passion & Beauty
April 25 or 26, 2015: Resurrection

From Your Executive Director

Dear FMAYS students, families, Board members and interested friends:

Welcome to the New Board Members! When
you meet Kay Beckermann, Terri Diers or
Brian Sailer, be sure to thank them for being willing to work on our Board of Directors. The Board meets once a month during the school term to work on schedules, policies, finances and activities of the organization. We really appreciate all the volunteers who do this work! Also, thank you to the student members who are VERY busy, but take time to help us stay focused on doing the best we can for all the students musicians.
Once again—-where has summer gone? I was again asked to work at the String Camp for Junior High students and its such a joy to hear & see the enthusiasm that they have for music!! Thank you parents for allowing them this honor of playing in their school orchestra, participating in the camp and being a member of FMAYS!!!
The summer was not all fun….the FMAYS computer decided that it had worked enough! It slowed to a halt at the end of July….I had to wait about 10 days, but now have a new computer, so we are set for a few years.
Another change for FMAYS is that the Concerto Competition has moved to January 24.

Beth Fortier

The Noren Ellingson Memorial Fund

This fund was established in memory of Noren Ellingson after his death in an industrial accident in August of 2011. His three children and three nieces have played in the Youth Symphonies. Noren was an active volunteer for FMAYS as well as a faithful attendee to all of his families’ concerts.

The Fund is being used to purchase music for FMAYS. If you would be interested in contributing to this ongoing project, please send in your check to FMAYS, PO Box 2691, Fargo ND 58108 and indicate this fund.

Thank you for your consideration!

Audience Etiquette:
There have been some comments about a few people using iPads, smartphones or iPhones during our performances to photograph or otherwise record the concert. The other audience members around those users are being distracted by this and not in a good way.

Please, please refrain from using your equipment during the concert! Be a thoughtful audience member and don’t take away from the performance. Also, if you MUST leave and/or return to the concert, do so during the applause. Thank you!

An Opportunity!

Do you have any musical instruments in your home that no one plays or that you’ve been thinking of selling or giving away? How about donating them to FMAYS? We are collecting used instruments for students who don’t have the resources to purchase or rent their own.

Even if the instrument is in need of some tender loving care (a.k.a. repair), we could fix it up and put it in the hands of a student eager to practice!

So contact Beth at the office (701-388-4536) and we’ll arrange to pick it up. Thank you!


For contact info, visit the fmays info page.